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The User acknowledges that the Operator shares these data with its IT services providers CGI IT Czech Republic and INDRA Czech Republic s.r.o.

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The website of the Operator contain the links to other pages. The Operator holds no control over these pages’content and the users should also get to know the particular pages’rules of use. The Operator bears no liability for not acting as mentioned.

Published information

The Operator makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information and data presented on the website with care, expertise and predictability that is commmon and rational on similar field of business. The Operator bears no liability for any damage, loss, costs or expenditures caused by missing, inaccurate or incorrect data, content and information at our website. The User is aware that access to website may be disabled and that such shutdown does not pose an infringement of Operator´s obligations, whereas the Operator bears no liability for any damage, loss, costs or expenditures caused by this shutdown. The User also acknowledges that the Operator bears no liability for potential loss or damage caused by activities of Users or the third parties that are based on the use of data, content, and information available on website.

Data, content and information available at website are published for purposes determined by legislation. Any use of published information or content is solely of User´s concern, considering that the potencial use of it is qualified by controle of completness and accuracy. None of the information and data published at website, unless explicitly stated, tend the User to certain actions or inactivity or even cause a harm.

The Operator stipulates the right to amend the information at website.


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