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23/11/2017 ACER decision on the nominated electricity market operators’ Proposal for harmonized maximum and minimum clearing prices for single day-ahead and intraday coupling

On November the 14th 2017, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) officially decided on the All NEMOs’ proposal for harmonized maximum and minimum clearing prices to be applied in all bidding zones which participate in single day-ahead and single intraday coupling (Harmonized Max-Min Price Proposal), in accordance with Art. 41(2) and Art. 54(2) of Commission Regulation 1222/2015 establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management (CACM Regulation) and on the process of their automatic modification in case of a relevant market situation.

The Harmonized Max-Min Price Proposal will be implemented immediately after the MCO function has been implemented in accordance with Article 7(3) of the CACM Regulation.

The documents approving the Proposal are available at ACER webpage including relevant Annexes.